The 7 Minute Life™ System has been my key to unlocking undreamt of productivity. In the first thirty days of use, I nearly doubled my blog traffic, knocked out 11 unfinished tasks that were neglected for months and finally started hitting the gym consistently. The system has unleashed energy I didn’t know I had. Allyson’s planner gave me the edge I need to move from a demoralizing “to do list” to done. I can’t describe the feeling I had the first time I came home and said, “I accomplished every thing I planned to do today!” For anyone wanting to excel beyond dreaming into living a legacy, The 7 Minute Life™ System is a must.

John Arnold
Pastor of 1st Presbyterian Church of Texarkana, Arkansas
Blog Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Growth Expert
Having participated in a multitude of time management and productivity programs that promised the moon, I finally found something that WORKS. With The 7 Minute Life™ System, the breakthrough A-ha for me is that you can’t “manage” time but you CAN manage the tiny minute-to-minute choices that clutter your days. It’s these micro-choices that make the difference between leading a life of chaos or a life of accomplishment.

Throw away your old tools – and more importantly, toss your old thinking and DOING because Allyson’s system works, lasts, and its impact begins the moment you decide to use it! It’s all in here in a comprehensive system – the ideas, the tools, and the inspiration to DO IT!

David Newman
Founder of Do It! Marketing
President, National Speakers Association, Philadelphia

As an ADHD Entrepreneur and home-schooling father of 6, I often felt like I had more demands on my time than I could possibly handle. The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner not only helps me handle those tasks I have to do, but it helps me accomplish my greater goals as well. I just the last 90 days, I’ve shed 37lbs., written a book and memorized 13 Bible passages -in addition to gaining 3 new clients! And, I feel less hectic and scattered than I used to.

Thom Scott
Creator of
Author, Speaker, and Business Consultant

Allyson Lewis’ work is about making things possible. With The 7 Minute Life™ System you get the motivation AND information to take you to the next level. This is an accessible resource you can immediately benefit from to uplevel your professional or personal (or both!). Within weeks of implementing the ideas in her program, I reached a professional goal within weeks (not months, like I had originally planned!) to expand my business into a new market. Now, I’m using the philosophy of performance and productivity she excels in teaching to write my third book. I am thankful for Ms. Lewis’ coaching and advice, and highly recommend this resource to all my clients and friends.

Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA
Author, Mentor and Cofounder of The Womack Company

As a productivity coach I work to help people every day that are overwhelmed and not accomplishing the great things they are capable of doing. In a world that is filled with busy people that are struggling with information overload and constant distractions, time and priority management is more important than ever. Productivity is not about being busy. It is about doing the right things at the right time. To be successful, you need a simple plan that helps you figure out the most effective way to think about and use your time. The 7 Minute Life™ System is a fresh and practical approach to managing priorities and getting things done. Allyson shares simple, yet powerful strategies and tactics that will help you gain a solid understanding of why you do what you do and how to change the patterns that are not working for you – all in 7 minute increments! If you want to learn how to re-write your brain for success and create breakthrough results, get and work through the 7 Minute Life™ System today.

Stephanie LH Calahan
Productivity Specialist, Speaker and Publisher

“Throughout our day in Dallas, I fought back tears. I’m extremely emotional in everyday life, but NEVER in my professional life. Everything you were saying impacted my life: making changes, focusing on purpose, recognizing life’s challenges as a growing and life altering experience. I’m reading your book (The Seven Minute Difference) and, my life has been like (one of the other books you spoke about) Shackleton’s boat Endurance (by Alfred Lansing): stuck between two gigantic pieces of ice with the responsibilities of, not 27 men, but a wonderful wife (Jill) and 2 amazing daughters, Sydney and Eloise. Just waiting to be crushed. I’m committed to making the sacrifice and change for my wonderful girls, and part of that is changing myself to be a better man.

(This is the purpose statement Mark created during the workshop)
“My purpose is to be a present and supportive husband, a doting father who is available and kind at all times. The purpose of my life is to not make the same mistakes, and to not let my life be defined by those mistakes. My life’s purpose is to be a supportive and loving son; a present and open brother; and a generous, gracious and growing friend. My purpose is to not be driven by deadlines, goals or work. It is to be driven by experience, impact and a journey of internal peace and understanding. My purpose is to a Faithful Servant and to forgive myself for my sins. My purpose is to be a man of optimism and JOY! My purpose is to not let my frustrations and difficulties effect my relationships with those around me. My purpose is to love. Love Jill. Love Sydney. Love Eloise. Love my Friends. Love my Experience. Love Life.”

I can say that participating in The “7 Minute” Life™ program was the beginning of a journey that has profoundly changed my life. It’s been just over a year and I am continuing to grow and change. You have given me the tools to be the man my family deserves. The man my coworkers need. And, the man I dream of becoming.”

Mark Schwab
Pharmaceutical Sales

“I love that The 7-Minute Life™ Daily Planner helps me prioritize my activities so that I can get more accomplished each day. It’s so much more than a date book, it’s a goal-planning system that really works.”

Erin Casey
Columns Editor for SUCCESS magazine, Writer, Mom, Wife and Dreamer