How I Transformed My Life In Just 7 Minutes And You Can Too!


I was …

working harder than ever, but not accomplishing anything that made me feel like I had a purpose
being responsible and doing what I needed to do for my family, friends and employer or clients, but wasn’t fulfilled
spending most of my time ‘putting out fires’ and not accomplishing as much as I wanted
working hard for ‘some day’ when I’d be able to do what I wanted with the ones I love
feeling like there had to be more

Have you ever felt the same?


If so, I have GREAT news for you! My life began a radical and wonderful change in just 7 minutes and yours can too!

Since that day when I discovered a new way of thinking, I developed a simple, yet powerful process for prioritizing, organizing and simplifying my life – to get more of what I really want in life and make more of a meaningful contribution to those around me! And, I’ve been teaching it to others ever since.

Now, I’ve put it into a complete, laser-focused training program so that you can transform your life as well – even if you never have the opportunity to attend one of my live events!

Having participated in a multitude of time management and productivity programs that promised the moon, I finally found something that WORKS. With The 7 Minute Life™ System, the breakthrough A-ha for me is that you can’t “manage” time but you CAN manage the tiny minute-to-minute choices that clutter your days. It’s these micro-choices that make the difference between leading a life of chaos or a life of accomplishment.Throw away your old tools – and more importantly, toss your old thinking and DOING because Allyson’s system works, lasts, and its impact begins the moment you decide to use it! It’s all in here in a comprehensive system – the ideas, the tools, and the inspiration to DO IT!

David Newman
Founder of Do It! Marketing
President, National Speakers Association, Philadelphia

What is The 7 Minute Life™ System?


The 7 Minute Life™ System is much more than a time management system… it is a LIFE SYSTEM. It creates a framework for you to Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify® your life at work and at home.

Just as you see in this graphic, our life system will help prioritize what is most important to you, so you can move from a life of CHAOS and DISTRACTION- to a life of order and meaning… and with The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner- we will give you the concrete time management and productivity tools to help you organize your life into manageable pieces that we call “7 Minute” micro-actions… and, we will help you simplify your life down to one simple question (you’ll have to buy the system to find out more about this powerful question).

If you are finally ready to Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify® your life. Don’t wait even another minute. When you buy the system, you will have immediate access to all of the electronic portions of The 7 Minute Life™ System… and, we will ship your full year’s supply of The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planners.


What The 7 Minute Life™ System Can Do For You…


My 7-Minute Life System is a set of 10 downloadable audio and video modules and a focused, 40 page pdf workbook that leads you step-by-step through my proven system, and a specially designed planner that will serve as your daily control center to help you…

Get More Important Things Done Before 11:00 AM Than Most Do ALL MONTH!
Achieve MORE Of What You REALLY WANT While Still Getting Done What You HAVE To Do!
Increase Your EARNING POWER!
Get Rid Of Your Overwhelming TO-DO List Once-And-For-All!
Spend More Time Doing What You Love With The Ones You Love!
Achieve The Dreams You’ve Likely Given Up On!
Live The Life You Were Created For And Leave A Rich Legacy!


I promise that if you commit to making a series of small changes – just 7 minutes at a time – you will begin to see MASSIVE improvements in your life!


Allyson Lewis’ work is about making things possible. With The 7 Minute Life™ System you get the motivation AND information to take you to the next level. This is an accessible resource you can immediately benefit from to uplevel your professional or personal (or both!). Within weeks of implementing the ideas in her program, I reached a professional goal within weeks (not months, like I had originally planned!) to expand my business into a new market. Now, I’m using the philosophy of performance and productivity she excels in teaching to write my third book. I am thankful for Ms. Lewis’ coaching and advice, and highly recommend this resource to all my clients and friends.Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA
Author, Mentor and Cofounder of The Womack Company

Here Are The Powerful Tools You’ll Receive In The Proven 7-Minute Life System:


#1 – A FULL YEAR’S SUPPLY of specially designed, proprietary planners – These 7 Minute LifeTM Planners will serve as your daily “command and control” center – to keep you focused and productive. Designed for simplicity, this powerful tool helps you achieve your important life goals, maintain your relationships, improve your health – as well as accomplishing the mundane tasks that we all have to deal with – WITHOUT spending a ton of time in the process.

#2- 10-Module Video and Audio Training – This full-length streaming and downloadable version of Allyson Lewis’ “The 7 Minute Revolution” training will lead you by the hand the the step-by-step process she used to change her life in just “7 Minutes.” This is the same system she’s taught nationwide to help hundreds of others dramatically improve their lives as well!Not just a rehash of the same old “time management” lessons we’ve all been taught, in “The 7-Minute Revolution” Allyson reveals secrets that she’s learned through years of research and real-world application such as:

  • - Neuroplasticity – This foundational science is the basis for creating lasting change. Without understanding how this works, ANY attempt to create lasting change will ultimately fail!
  • - “7 Minute” Micro-Actions – A dynamic system to literally leverage huge improvements in your life in brief, 7 minute increments.
  • - 90-Day Goals – A real-world process you can use to take your big goals and break them down into the daily actions needed to achieve them. This process is based on our psychological wiring so you’ll no longer have to look back at your goal list with regret!

“The 7 Minute Revolution” training is broken down into 10 fast-paced easily actionable segments. Watch it all in one sitting or use each segment as part of your weekly staff meeting or personal growth time.

The convenient electronic format also enables you to download the audio portion from the video series so you can listen over and over again to reinforce your new empowering habits!

#3 – 50 Page e-Workbook – The 7 Minute LifeTM System also includes a focused, 50+ page e-Workbook to guide you through the exercises and actions in this life-changing program.

This vital e-Workbook is filled with the tools, forms and checklists to help you live the “7 Minute” Life now – AND in coming years as you continue to change and grow.

BONUS #1 -
“The Principles of Planning”
How One Man’s Life Changed in JUST 30 Days…
and, how your life can change too!

His story of learning how to implement The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner will encourage and inspire you. This special audio is his step-by-step story of how he:

  • Overcame his bottomless demoralizing to-do list
  • Found out the importance of taking the FIRST STEP
  • ‘Unwittingly’ prioritized his BIG 5 goals for the next 90 days
  • Learned how to SCHEDULE time to accomplish his goals
  • Enjoyed the awesome feeling, “I did everything I planned today.”
  • Discovered the importance of having everything in ONE place

If you were to purchase all these items separately through my web sites, you’d pay over $600, but as part of this special offer, you can gain immediate access to this training – and have the planners shipped to you for just $297.


And, if you’re one of the limited number that can participate in this offer, I’ll also include a powerful additional bonus item …BONUS #2-
The 7 Minute Life™ Fast-Start Action Guide
31 Days to a Brand New You!


I’ll make sure you don’t get lost in the sense of overwhelm that all new training programs can cause. In one simple sheet, I’ll lead you through the step-by-step process to get started and start experiencing greater productivity AND a greater sense of purpose IMMEDIATELY!!!

Use this simple, 31-day guide to ensure you’re applying the small, daily actions that will leverage the greatest and fastest improvements!